People Move. People Change. People Grow.

Don't be left behind when your social life changes. Change with it!
Simposi is always there when you need it and keeps you social doing exactly the things you want to do.

How Simposi Works

1 Create an Account
Meet people without creating a public advertisement of yourself! Accounts here are totally private until you actually meet, which will always be in a small group. Share your info only with people you like.

2 Set Your Preferences
Tell the app what you want to do and the app will only send you invitations to the only what you've expressed interest in.

3 Accept Invitations
Swipe activities or create activities. Once created everyone who matched your settings with receive an invite!

4 Tell Us Who You Liked
Don't worry, they'll never know how you rated them, this information is used only by our matching algorithm to find people you like.

Our Community

Girls looking out for each other. We pride ourselves on being a supportive and welcoming community for everyone. Boys can join, but this is a community built for girls! Our app always matches in groups of 4 or less. This creates a safe space for meeting people and makes people act normal. No nasty messages from behind the screen and no creepy one on one dates. You'll always have backup here. Plus, if you actually meet the right one you'll be able to tell everyone where you met him without being embarrassed about it!

What Would You Like to Do?

Isn't that what we all want to hear? We make it easy to meet new people who want to do the same things you do. Simply set your activity preferences and when an event is created, you'll be invited! Accept the invitation to attend. Or, if you know what you want to do, and when you want to do it, create the social activity and the app will do the rest. We invite everyone whose preferences match your activity. No time wasted looking at profiles. Just do the things you want to do, and meet new people who really want to do those things too!