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It was mid-2017 in San Francisco, California. Simposi's founder, Tracy-lynn Foran, was at home with her boyfriend on a Friday night. There was an event going on in San Jose that she really wanted to go to, but her boyfriend didn't want to go. She had asked every girl she knew if they wanted to go but they were either not interested or had other plans already. Obviously she just couldn't ask a guy friend, because it would have caused problems with her relationship. So what was she to do?

Frustrated at her lack of options, she thought to herself, "I can't be the only woman in San Francisco who would rather be at this event right now, but how do I find them?" She tried a number of apps geared towards meeting other women and discovered; 1) it was creepy to be looking at women's profiles because she wasn't looking for a date, she was looking for a friend; 2) it was almost impossible to get women to chat. Let alone meet up in person. There had to be another way!

Surprised that the only options available for meeting people online consisted of dating style apps, that don't even work for dating. She looked at her life, she looked at her friends lives and they were all busy. Everyone seemed to live off their digital calendars. No one had time to waste looking at profiles online for hours, shooting random messages of friendship out in the dark. Most of us randomly find ourselves with free time and rarely does that free time align with someone else's. She thought to herself, "Wouldn't it be nice if I could send an invitation to every woman in San Francisco who is free right now?" .. with some restrictions of course.

Simposi is an invitation-based social calendar. It allows users to create activities and invites everyone who matches the activity profile. Users receive invitations and simply say yes to attend. But Simposi can also generate activities automatically and learns who you like and don't like. After a bit of trial and error, who Simposi invites to your activities should always be on point. Kindof like if you put all of your best friends into a hat and randomly pulled a few out whenever you were free and said, "Let's go!'.

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