Social networks are always in flux

We support building them and keeping them healthy

We are a community of women who are here for each other, through good times and bad. We accept each other for we are, where we came from, what we look like or what language we speak. Our community is always open and is changing all the time. We pride ourselves on a safe judgment-free community where members can come to meet new people without fear or prejudice.

We've all been through times in our lives where we wish we had someone new to hangout with, be it from moving to a new city, town or country or because our existing friends have other plans. It just so happens that women, more than men, are constantly reshaping and reforming their social lives. In some cases, its easy for us to do. But at other times we struggle. It's in these times of need that we go looking for a solution. We start shopping online for events to attend, but then chicken out because we don't want to go alone. We download friending apps, and spend hours looking at profile pictures only to find ourselves judging everyone or even worse, ourselves!

Simposi is designed to be the ultimate way to meet new people. We are for people who are looking make new friends and experience new things. We designed the app to overcome all of our social anxieties from being the first to make contact, to coming up with what to do or where to meet. All of the behaviors that prevent us from meeting new people are eliminated with Simposi. Instead of wasting hours judging people online, you are receiving invitations to do fun things. Those who aren't scared to put themselves out there, can lead the way by creating social activities wherever you like. Our patented algorithm will invite everyone that matches your preferences until up to 4 people have agreed to attend your activity.

We Support Women & Community

We support female led and focused initiatives, programs, communities and social groups.
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