COVID Approved Outings in Seattle for Phase 2

As states start to open up and enter phase two, more people are starting to come out. The more eager you become to begin your “normal life”, it makes you wonder what you can do to be social and still be safe. More public areas are transitioning to regulations of social distancing, but what is actually COVID approved outings when socializing with people outside of your household? Here are approved outings that don’t guarantee immunity, but are safe precautions to going out.



  1. Hiking Trails: Fresh air trials do not enclose you in a confined space. You can keep your distance and put a mask on when passing others on the trail for courtesy and precautions. You get to explore, exercise, and be with a small group of people. Plus, nature is a great way to recharge! Find hiking trails within 30 minutes of Seattle HERE.

2. Visiting Rooftop or Patio Restaurants: These are always nice, even without covid! Plus, it's a nice change of scenery from your dining table. Regulations for CDC state, “Seating capacity is reduced to allow tables to be spaced at least 6 feet apart.” But inspectors can’t be everywhere, so when in doubt consider places that are spacing tables 6 ft apart. If you want to know more about CDC regulations for restaurants click Here. Overall, the patio or rooftop seating makes for a great experience!

Here are some great choices to consider for your NEXT outing:

  • Barking Dog Alehouse: Patio and Restaurant are open for dining with limited capacity seating. Restaurant hours are from Tuesday-Saturday, Noon- 8pm
  • Mbar : Open for dinner reservations ONLY. Reserve your table by clicking the “reserve online” button. Reservations are only accommodating groups up to 5. Restaurant hours are from Tuesday-Saturday, 4pm-9pm.
  • EastLake Bar Grill: Patio is open. Offers "greenhouse" dinner for a party of two and dog friendly. Restaurant hours Monday - Friday, 11am - 2pm, 4pm - 9pm. Saturday & Sunday 9am - 9pm. Take a look Here.

3. Picnics at the park: In some parks circles are drawn on the grass to keep distance from other parties. Choose a circle (or place yourself away from others), bring some food, wine, and enjoy your picnic! Don’t forget the music! Some of many parks to visit in Seattle?




4. Biking: The good thing about outdoor activities is they can be very beneficial to our fitness. Riding along piers, parks, trails, or even just the neighborhood are some ideas to getting out the house and together with a few others. Find Seattle bike trails Here.


Socializing during COVID is tough. All the anxiety about who you're around and who others are around is understandable. It's important to know your boundaries when socializing during COVID, so don’t be afraid to set them. Some boundary recommendations to make is, to meet in small groups, keep activities outdoors, distance yourself 6ft apart, and wear a mask as much as possible. Outings are refreshing, especially during this unprecedented time , but reconnecting with other humans after much isolation is substantial. So don’t be afraid to get out there again, but always remember masks, hand sanitizer, and distancing! Happy outings!

Find more COVID Guidelines about going out HERE.