Frequently Asked Questions

What is Simposi?

Simposi is an App that is invitation-based. Our app generates activities and matches users in groups of four to attend based on interest, creating things to do, with people to do it with.

Why use Simposi as a Business?

Simposi is here to build connections. We connect your business to new customers by promoting your business in various ways to our users and giving your business the opportunity to capitalize on people who are meeting online.

We make event management easy during this time, gathering event attendees in groups of fours. Simposi offers time slots of arrivals, crowd control, and successful matchmaking of events to users, and users to events.

Simposi saves your business time by finding your target demographic and automatically inviting them. Your business won’t have to waste time searching or worrying about being discovered by users because we do that for you.


Where will Simposi be available?

Simposi is available in the US and CANADA.

Please remember that Simposi is dependent on critical user mass for the user experience to be a positive one. So we are focusing our marketing efforts one metropolitan area at a time. Sign Up and bring Simposi to your city.

We are currently marketing in the following area: Seattle, WA


When Will Simposi Launch?

End of July


What makes Simposi different?

Simposi is primarily designed as a method for meeting new people that uses activities rather than online profiles as the catalyst. With businesses and users creating events, more activities will be available, therefore more matches will be made.

Simposi allows businesses to drive activities, which creates more exciting ways for people to meet, adds value to the community, and brings additional customers in the door for you.

Simposi is different from an event management platform because we send invitations directly to users who receive them right away. We use the method of swiping activities not profiles by showcasing our events in a swipeable card deck.


How does Simposi work for event managers?

PLEASE NOTE: We will be launching our Event Management Dashboard early in 2021. Signup HERE to get a one-year free trial of the event management dashboard RISK FREE.

How to create events as a user? (temp solution to get familiar with our concept)

  1. Create a free user account
  2. Redeem promo code “CATERPILLAR” for unlimited access.
  3. Signup HERE to be notified when the event management dashboard launches.
  4. Create an event by clicking the “Meet Now” button. Don’t worry you can schedule your event for anytime.
  5. Enter your event details and pick the demographics for who you want to receive your event invitation.
  6. Simposi will automatically invite everyone who matches your demographic settings. Every user will be instantly notified (invited) that matches your event, which is a super direct way to market your events to users.
  7. Simposi will also post your event to the Discover Card Deck, which is basically a swipeable events bulletin board. Clicking to RSVP to those they want to attend.
  8. Users who have RSVP’d to your event will arrive and be automatically directed to their matches in groups of four. This helps your business promote more single parties to attend and control crowds.


What are the plans for Simposi’s Event Management Dashboard?

Our Event Management Dashboard is still in progress and will be available in JAN 2021.

Simposi plans to create an automatic event generation algorithm which will automatically schedule events at your location for free!


How much will Simposi cost for managing events?

To allow event managers to try the app while we build event management tools, use promo code “CATERPILLAR” to get unlimited access as a user free for one year. Then signup HERE to get an additional year of free access to the event manager dashboard once it launches.

Free to Create 1 event per month

$5 a month for unlimited hosting.

3.5% of the ticket price and $1.59 per paid ticket plus a 2.5% payment processing fee per transaction


-How does Simposi promote Your business?

Simposi automatically sends invitations for your business, reaching every user interested and more. Simposi has a Discover Deck also known as a swipeable bulletin board for showcasing unlimited public events reaching all users daily.


How is simposi Social Distancing compatible?

Create events as large as you like, users will always arrive matched in groups of four and be provided with a compass to help find their matches. This makes it easy to plan for spacing limitations and minimizes your contact with attendees.


Why do the users come in groups of 4?

Simposi stands behind the Theory of mind, which is the ability to think about mental states, both your own and those of others. We believe groups of 4 are small enough to exert the theory of mind, but aren't large enough to take away from it. This makes groups of 4 best for socializing.


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