No More Swiping Profiles

Tinder? Bumble? Plenty of Fish? How many of you tried those dating apps when all you were trying to do was make new friendships?


Let’s face it, meeting new friends has never been easy. We have all faced those times in our lives where we wanted to make new friends, but simply did not have the confidence to start the conversation OR were new in town and just didn’t know anyone…


It’s okay, you’re not alone. That’s what Simposi is for.


What is Simposi you may ask?


Simposi is a social calendar app that offers the following…


  • Passive Utility- Instead of wasting precious time swiping other profiles, Simposi gets you straight to meeting new people by sending the invitations to your phone based on the preferences you set. All you need to do after is accept and attend. It’ll be awkward at first, but being in small groups sizes will be a lot easier than meeting someone one on one.


  • Meet First, Judge Later-Meet new friends first, rate them after. Ratings are used by our patented machine learning algorithm to improve group matching overtime. Those you liked, you’ll see more often. Those you don’t like, you’ll never see again. And oh, no one will ever know how you rated them!


  • Swipe Activities-Swiping profiles takes up too much time. With Simposi, you can swipe on activities, create the social activity, or wait for invitations to come to you. Simposi will then match you in a small group of people and the fun begins!


Unlike complicated dating apps, Simposi is easy to use. The more you use the app, the more people you are likely to meet and hit it off with in your area. Who wouldn’t love that?


Find us social media platforms at @appsimposi to be the first to know when Simposi launches.